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Might be idea to double check prior going to a Sota to activate it

Other day M0NRD/p popped up on the WAB net and was doing SW95 TP etc.
Then mentions he’s at a Sota, thought ooh cool
G/DC-004 OH how do we inform him its no longer valid as the DC-008 next door to DC-004 has taken over.

But not total loss good to get the Square and the Trip point from the old hill, at DC-004 no longer valid

So go into data base make sure things not changed as they do sometimes
Wonder if G/DC004 now qualify’s for Humps


No Karl. The ground between Hensbarrow Beacon (ex DC-004) and Hensbarrow Downs DC-008 is only just a little lower than the beacon, probably around 5m or so. The photo below shows the situation with the beacon in front of the downs.

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Cheers for that have to do what the welsh did break out the family’s and buckets and spades and make it grow a bit


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52metrs different between them

Andrew is aware that the summit is no longer valid for SOTA.

73, Colin

Lovely to get him from there via ground waves between us about 60km adding another trig to me collection. We did inform him on air. another day another sota :slight_smile: