G/CE-005 FUN Evening

Went suitably prepared for battle to the usual spot but this time with the 706 and my newly aquired 7ah SLAB. Let’s see what happens on 2m SSB…

So first call on 144.300 after switching on I was called by Andy, G4LBI in Brum. Great, this is much better I thought.

Nothing after completing with Andy so I went back to 144.300 and made a couple more calls and was answered by G0MJS/M in his car on hill near Halifax… even better… although he was running 100w to my 10-15w so he was struggling to hear me a little.

Back to 144.300 and a further call caught Bob, G8ACQ nr. Bedford closely followed by SOTA regular Gerald, G4OIG… at last a QSO from Wendover with a real SOTA chaser and a unique for Gerald. This was followed by Graham G4FUJ, one of the Cheltenham crew… nice… another real chaser.

Then a QSO with G0TBR in Banbury who was most interested in SOTA following a fairly long explanation from me of where, how, when etc.

Getting ready to wrap up and a call from Richard G6HKS in Milton Keynes (who was one of my QSO’s on my first Wendover activation on FM months ago)

…and to round it off a final QSO with Mike G8TIC in Worcester who also knew the summit as it turns out the GB3BAA beacons he looks after were a stones throw away in the activation zone… I had no idea… (I’m not big into 4m and 6m) …you learn something every day!

I packed up around 1935 UTC but shame I didn’t net anyone S2S further north but maybe I just missed them during my other QSO’s.

The 706 and SLAB worked a treat for the hour or so I was working and I even had the power peaking at about 20W SSB in the end with no issues on the Sotabeam. (wouldn’t have done that with FM though)

Anyway, a great evening with no storms, beautiful sun, a great view over The Vale and no desense problems with the 706… hooray.

Bring it on… so please have look for me next time.

73 Marc G0AZS

In reply to G0AZS:

Hi Marc

I beamed in your direction for quite some time but couldn’t find you, but to be fair I didn’t get ont 2-ssb until about 19:30utc.
I was at the summit early, but the farmer was in talkative mood and kept me talking for the first hour, hi.

Sounds like you have it sussed now with the slab/706 combo and it sounds like you had a much better time of it tonight.

I only had the one s2s with Barry on NW-044 but managed about 40 contacts in total.

We’ll get that s2s soon I Hope, because Wendover Woods remains a unique for Me.

73 and thanks for turning out.


Hi Mike and Mick

Yes the 706 worked well so now my plan is to continue with the 2m SSB but also give HF a whirl from the Woods now I know that the 706 and SLAB are working for me.

I’ll plan (over the next few weeks) to be able to use 30, 40, 60 (yes I have an NOV I dont use!) and 80M. All CW and/or SSB… So hopefully I’ll work a few more stations.

I did try to listen for you Mike but maybe we just missed each other… although I did do a terrain plot between the two summits and the path didn’t look too good. I guess we’d have to hope for some good conditions on 2m.

…and Mick I wasn’t sure if I heard a 2E0 call but the signal was very weak and faded to nothing when I called back. Maybe that was you?

I did think about plugging in the key on 2m last night but time was getting on and I was getting hungry so I packed up.

Thanks again to all those that worked me and see you next time…

73 Marc G0AZS

In reply to G0AZS:

Thanks for another unique Marc!
I’ll also be looking for you on hf next time (for the WAB area!).
73 Graham G4FUJ

In reply to G0AZS:

Thanks for QSO Marc. Pleased to work you for the first time and thanks for the Unique. Hopefully catch you when you’re next out, possibly on HF as well as 2m.

73, Gerald