Further Database Glitch

After entering Helen GW7AAU’s chases for today in to the database from my computer (which is the one nearest the radio) I then clicked to view the log to check the entries. My own log was displayed even though Helen was logged in and the logged in callsign changed to mine. I Then went in via the Chaser Roll Of Honour and was able to see Helen’s log and check the entries which had been entered correctly.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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Another…but not as serious.

I popped up Black Hill this morning, before going I checked the summit info…it showed my callsign as the last activator but a quick glance at the activation history showed 4 others since mine.


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Could this be as a result of the cookies for 2 different activators / chasers sitting within the same User Account area on the PC?
I saw something similar here once when Christine tried to use my Account Area on a PC here.
Just a thought.
73 de Ken

13 others since yours Dick?

But yes, the SP region list is definitely showing incorrect information for the last activator and the date of the last activation.

Strange. Will investigate.

Agree with Ken as to the probable cause of Steve’s problem. Jimmy and I tend to use our own PCs (we have one each) as much as possible on the DB and SW to avoid such problems.


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As a mathematician you probably think that 4 & 13 are vastly different…
As a physicist I would say that numbers of the same order are all fairly similar :slight_smile:

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Could this be as a result of the cookies for 2 different activators / chasers sitting within the same User Account area on the PC?

Probably has something to do with it but it is a new problem since the fresh look of the database pages. I have been using the same PC since 2005 to do exactly the same thing.

Further to what I have mentioned before, this glitch stops us deleting any erroneous entries in Helen’s log as even when she logs on first after a reboot the Database defaults to my log when we click “View Chaser Log” and although we can see her log via the Chaser Roll Of Honour we are unable to modify it.

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Hi Steve,

I have never had a problem with the database and I use two calls on there to separate my HF and VHF chaser activity. I even use the same password for both accounts and it’s all done on the same computer, so what’s happening at your end is a mystery.

Perhaps I’m okay because I’m a greedy guy and I eat my cookies as soon as I receive them. On the other hand it could be because I’m using Windows 2000 Pro as I’m too mean to upgrade this computer :wink:

73, Gerald

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It only showed up yesterday. Running latest edition of Firefox on Win98se since Internet Exploder Exploded.

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Arthur Negas called and asked if you like to appear on “Going for a Song” !



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The sotawatch site hasn’t been showing points for summits
for the last few days. Is this a known problem or is it just me?

Rick M0RCP

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Still works and no-one write viruses for them any more ;0)

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It is known about and is in hand.