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FT8/JT9 activation from OK/KA

.[quote=“K2JB, post:14, topic:15766, full:true”]
FT-8 mode might need to be added to the mode options for spotting on SOTAWATCH, SOTAGoat, etc. Otherwise the FT-8 community would have to recognize it as such by the combined mode of ‘DATA’ and the FT-8 frequency (XXX.074) being spotted/alerted. My $0.02 -Dean K2JB

+1 for this.

FT8 will soon become the most used data mode for SOTA - it’s quick, requires simple equipment and the low-signal performance goes very well with QRP. Making it a supported mode is really important.

Razvan M0HZH / YO9IRF

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Just small update. Based on a weather forecast I see higher chance to be active preferably Monday, Tuesday evenings since later days shall be rather rainy.
Mirek, OK1CYC

Hi Mirek,

I sent you an email with my phone number, so we can try to schedule an S2S in FT8.

Razvan M0HZH / YO9IRF