FT8/4 & SOTA - try MSHV by LZ2HV

Trying MSHV V2.71
Can send this
as TX6
as TX1 without his call
as TX7
I am looking for other solutions but the special callsigns cause problems


That sounds like a perfect solution and close to what I currently do. Which is, after the 73/RR73, I select the macro containing my current SOTA reference from Tx5. This of course creates an extra transmission which is technically after the end of a QSO and before I start to call CQ again. Not perfect, but a kind of workable process.

So if there was another field on the first settings tab for SOTA/POTA reference, and a radio button to select the reference type (SOTA, POTA*), then if this was selected, the 73 message could include the reference.

Ideal would be “G9ABC M1EYP/P SOTA G/SP-015 73”. But perhaps not possible! Probably have to omit the ‘SOTA’ and the ‘73’ - so “G9ABC M1EYP/P G/SP-015”. If SOTA was selected via a radio button in Settings, then the CQ message could automatically become “CQ SOTA”, so it is established that it is a SOTA QSO.

*I guess several schemes could be selected here - SOTA, POTA, WAB, IOTA, HEMA, WOTA, WFF etc. In fact maybe better than selecting the scheme from a radio button would be simply having two fields on the Settings page - one for “Scheme” - in which SOTA, POTA etc could be entered, and one for “Ref” - in which G/SP-015, GFF-014, EU-005, SJ96 etc could be entered. If no scheme is entered then you get a normal CQ message, and if no ref is entered, you get a normal 73 message.


On reflection, what I currently do (see first paragraph above) is probably as good as it’s going to get.

It isn’t possible to shoehorn the reference into the RR73/73 message and everything still work (and be received) as intended.

The scheme can be edited into your Tx6 message anyway, and the optional macro in Tx5 can be the reference, to be sent periodically as and when the activator chooses. Difficult to imagine how to add SOTA (etc) features that actually manage things any better.