FT4 activation tonight

Tonight I intend to take part in this from The Cloud G/SP-015:

Just giving chasers the heads up that they will need to be in NA VHF Contest mode on WSJT-X to work me and any other stations.

Thankfully, the rain has stopped, and is forecast to remain stopped!

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Looks like the dreaded FT4 will be necessary this evening too. Just one QSO on 80m CW so far - and nothing at all on SSB.


I didn’t realise during the contest that you were SOTA activating … I just added the chaser entry for our FT4 QSO

Thanks for joining in


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No joiner-inners yet on 17m FT8 from Bredon Hill G/CE-003! Still it’s a beautiful clear evening with a great view of the stars and several bright meteors.

I managed just one 17m QSO in the end - Venezuela! Called for a while after that but no more takers. Topped up the activation with 3 QSOs on the 2m FM handheld.

I can see Bredon Hill from here, so it’d have been a groundwave contact if I’d been awake… :wink:

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