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FT-817 internal LiPo

Hi All
Thanks for the info re the 12v Li-Po’s. They do not appear to have a balance plug fitted, could cause a problem with charging, also not sure what the discharge current is, 1C would make them 6.8Ah, Ok for an 817, but may stuggle a bit with the 857. I have e-mailed the seller to ask the questions and will report back when they let me know.

Thanks again



In reply to G4YTD:

They do not appear to have a balance plug fitted

2 terminal lithium batteries intended for use with a dumb charger have the protection and balancing circuitry integrated in the battery. I’m sure that must be the case here.

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In reply to M0JLA:

I have found this one on ebay; item no. 280627726516.

120645075335 appears to be the same thing and is even cheaper.

Hello, I just had a look on ebay; these is not LiPo
but Li-Ion that makes a big difference.


In reply to F6HBI:

Yes, you are quite correct and it does make a big difference.

This one is the best I can find:- 120685715910

Not possible to fit internally (much too big) and quite heavy at 565g; more than twice the quoted weight of the Li-ion ones.