Ft-817 ALC question

I know this is off topic, but can I ask a question of the many users of FT-817nd. Does anyone have any problems with the ALC indication? When used on 2M SSB at 2.5W, the ALC behaves as expected, peaking at about the right place. When I switch to 5W O/P, the ALC indication shows no I/P level. At first I thought I had a bad mic connection, but no, if I switch the display to power I can see that I am putting out a signal - and other people hear me, its just that I don’t get any ALC indication. Is my radio faulty, or is this a known problem.



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I’m going to have to look at mine now! - I’ve never used it; it’s left on the power meter. Not that I expect that to be wonderful - there was an article recently (that I can’t find - RadCom? Practical Wireless?) that compared the S meters of several rigs including the FT-817 which suggested the FT-817 shows very little unless there’s lots of signal. Someone else will remember where that was. Don’t think there was anything on the ALC though.

Sorry not to have an answer …


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Hi Richard,

I have had my Yaesu FT-817ND for over two years now I have my settings as follows and I always get decent audio reports:-

Menu 05 - AM Mic 50

Menu 29 - FM Mic 80

Menu 46 - SSB Mic 80

The ALC meter seems to behave ok no matter which power setting I use. On FM I also use Narrow and on AM I have had quite a few qso’s up tp 40km using just a dual band co-linear.

Hope this helps. Im my opinion the 817 is the best radio money can buy, it’s what the hobby is all about, fun!

73 Chris 2E0FSR

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I tend to force my voice a bit so my settings were a little under half of yours, Chris! I had no problems with the meter, but I wonder if the problem is due to voltage drop on the high power setting? How much does the voltage drop on transmit and does it drop less on a robust external supply, if so does the ALC difference still show?


Brian G8ADD

PS The 817 is a classic radio, I curse the day when I got rid of mine and will replace it when I have some spare cash!

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will replace it when I have some spare cash

Get saving Brian, I’ve sold 2 from SK sales this month!

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In my opinion the 817 is the best radio money can buy

I think owners of Rhode&Schwartz, Collins, RACAL & Watkins-Johnson equipment may disagree with you there Chris! :wink:


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As i stated Andy, it’s only my opinion. I have used my 817 from home, on mountains, on the beach, mobile. There is alot of competition in this hobby and ‘mine is bigger than yours’. As I said the 817 is what this hobby should be all about and that’s fun.

I have an Icom IC-7400 which is a superb radio on HF, 6M & 2M though I get more kicks out of using my 817.

73 Chris 2E0FSR