I need to voice my frustration :frowning: It already happened 4 times that other activators calling me did not care to mention their SOTA reference during the QSO although I was giving mine. I only found out later that they were active from a reference themselves.

I wonder what their reasoning behind this behaviour is. Any clue?

73 Norby

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Forgetfulnes? I know as an activator I often forget to give the ref. on every contact. The chasers normally know where I am from hearing it on other contacts or from the spot. But a few still have to ask me for the ref. and I admit is a poor show on my side but it’s not deliberate.


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Hi Norby,

Perhaps the MT team can make a rule.
At each QSO, the activator must give the SOTA reference, RST and the QSO number.

An example:
ON/ON001 - 59001
ON/ON001 - 59002
ON/ON001 - 59003 ect…

Just like in a contest.


I don’t think many people who enjoy SOTA want it to be like a contest Luc. The amateur radio licence specifies how often you should give your location when away from the main station address, and this is quite sufficient for SOTA in my personal opinion.


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except it isnt a contest…

many thanks,

Roger - M3ZDI