Frustrated activation

Yesterday i activated OE/TI-359, after 2m and 40 m I changed to 14285 with selfspot with that I can give some points to Great B. After calling some Minutes, M0BKV (58, strong) said, that now also on Frequency HB9ZAP. I changed to 14275, after calling sometimes I heard G4JZF, but he was answering to other Station. Maybe, he has heard me, I logged him. After 20 min I had 3 Stn from GB in the log and frustrated I finished.
73, Holger, OE7HPI

In reply to OE7HPI:

Hi Holger,

I hope everything worked out OK for you. It can be difficult when only one side of a QSO is audible, which is generally the case on the higher bands.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF