From two months ago in Switzerland

Most memories fade but this was a really different place for this warm climate Californian to activate in.

Continued thanks to Paul (HB9DST) for leading the way and directing his namesake to a wonderful Swiss peak.

Everyone’s bucket list should include hiking in Switzerland…unbelievable country!



Swiss trains :+1:

Fabulous report!

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Some impressions of the Swiss railway network and variety (with about 60 railway companies):

Schienennetz der Schweiz auf Karte • (interactive)

I’ve heard that driving across Switzerland in the summer is fun too…:wink:

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Thanks Tom. The writing was propelled by a couple of beers last night!

You should try Austrian trains… I was on one from Bregenz to Lindau where we had to change. The Austrian train was like something out of Star Trek. In fact it was powered by DiLithium Crystals because it was stationary at the platform then just accelerated away with no engine noise, no wheel noise, just a strong force pushing you into the seat. Sadly the German train was like most of the UK stock, noisey and old and wasn’t air conditioned. The Austrian one was definitely from the 23rd century!

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