From goat to octopus!

From goat to octopus!
On this reflector EA2CW, Mikel, recently made the proposal to change the name of the SOTA award from goat to octopus and Victor, HA5LV, pushed the LIKE button :slight_smile:
Here is how I am going in future to use my 8 arms in the “octopus mode”:
First arm to hold the keyer or mike,
Second arm to key or press the mike bottom,
Third arm to write with the pencil for the paper log or type the call in the laptop or tablet,
Fourth one to prevent the antenna from not collapsing due to the wind,
Fifth arm to hold the umbrella, when it is raining or snowing,
Six arm to hold the rig for reading the precise S-Report (Some chasers always give me 599.),
Seventh arm to hold the smart phone for monitoring SOTA-Watch for a S2S-QSO,
Eight arm to held a mirror (Do not forget that the pile-up is always the mirror of the activator and not the one of the chasers e.g. phantom QSOs!).
I hope to work you tmw from HB/GR-292
Tks es 73 de HB9BIN/p, Juerg (George alias octopus)

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But it all worked Juerg :sunglasses:
Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

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Hello Juerg.
As always,good job!.
P.S.On the CW now i send…gm/ga octopus :)))

Best regards de Robert SP8RHP, Vy 73!.

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Ha ha! FB Jorge!!
Count on me;I want to join that mode too ;o)

Good work Jürg, always a pleasure to work you, and as an extra bonus, now in spanish!!!

Nuen trabajo,muchas gracias, amigo.

VY 73 es CU.
GL de Ignacio EA2BD

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I would propose changing (sorry to the awards maker) from octopus to spider, as I might need several pair of eyes, to see clearly what I’m doing with each hand (plus S-meter)
73 de Mikel “spider” EA2CW

In reply to HB9BIN_3:
The summer is coming so we’ll need some additional arms soon.
One for change eye-glass to sunglass and back.
One for make shadow to see the display of the radio / smartphone.
One for keep away ants, flies, mosquitos and other insectes.
One for scratching. Insects bites :frowning:
One for wipe sweat.
One for to open another beer.
Get ready for the summer sota season!
73 Viktor