From Alpha to Beta

Hi everyone,

I’ve got the edit alert facility and the summit search to do which I should be able to complete before the end of the week.

Is there anything else folk think we need before posting to the old reflector and inviting everyone in to the beta version?

BTW, I will probably wait until getting the Long/Lat issue resolved before tackling the distance search facility. There is progress starting to happen on this front.

73, Jon

In reply to GM4ZFZ:

A working “Webmon” system or there will be a lot of moans.

73 John GW4BVE

In reply to GW4BVE:

Thanks for all your points John. I have updated the list according (see link at bottom of screen) including instructions for webmon!

Still interested in hearing of any features that people think must be done before beta launch.

I.e. any priority 3 items that should be priority 1?

73, Jon

In reply to GM4ZFZ:

The webmon system as you have implemented it is fine. I missed a posting and Les G3VQO kindly pointed me in the right direction. Any additions can be low priority.