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Today’s round of Lochgoilhead went well. I was amazed by the amount of frogs & spawn. Every single depression with an inch of water was full of the stuff up to about 400m. I had a pond in cold Buxton & never saw any spawn until 3rd week of March. Oh and the activations went well!


Wanna come visit out little 400 ltr pond

This is a quiet moment during the day, the night web came says differently and can go out late at night hear the frog chorus must be at least 14 mating pairs during night.


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Frog spawn brings back horrible memories of school dinners!


tapioca :grin:

John VK6NU

Tapioca on Thursdays school . loved it, eaten everybody else,s LOL



Hi Steve,
Good you are getting out and about after a period of low activity. I have been keeping your spot warm but please come back and take charge! It’s a nervy business.

As for frog spawn. I too am amazed you saw any yet. We don’t get it this early in Scarborough. Gulf Stream makes the difference?

Yes, I remember that pudding Nick but in my case it was a top favourite. You could chose from small or medium pearl. I liked it semi solid with a skin over but my Dad used to put milk on his and ruin the effect. Happy days.

73, John

I am with Nick on this one Tapioca pewk.Geoff