Friedrichshafen / Pfänder (OE/VB-512) and others

If you plan on going to Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen and are tempted to go to nearby Bregenz and then take the cable car to activate Pfaender OE/VB-512, you might find my trip report from a recent activation helpful.

From the cable car it takes at most 10 minutes to get to the summit, but there are two other summits nearby. Adding Hochberg makes for a pleasant half-day excursion, one even a non-athletic partner could enjoy, while adding both Hochberg and Hirschberg entails a full day and a reasonably long hike.

Hoping to meet many of you in person at Friedrichshafen…

73, GL

Note: I write all my trip reports for the HB9SOTA website in English, my native language.

In reply to HB9DST:
Yes - we will be up there again this year We activated it on 30m for the first time last year, a very nice trip out, plus the bonus of a decent meal at the summit!


Keith GW4OKT (and David G3UFO)

recommend getting to the front window of the cable car for the descent :slight_smile:

In reply to GM1CMF:
Phil, G4OBK and I are going to Friedrichshafen this year. We are driving down stopping off to activate some SOTA summits on the way down and back. We look forward to meeting as many SOTA chasers and activators at the rally as possible.

Nick G4OOE

In reply to G4OOE:

Which summit are you planning in ON? On which day?

73, Peter - ON4UP

In reply to ON4UP:
Hi Peter

We hope to do 3 summits in the Malmedy area (Phil G4OBK is working on the plan) on Monday 23 June then off to Luxembourg.

Nick G4OOE