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Friedrichshafen 2019

Hi Luc
I think I have decided on ON/ON -001, 009, 010 & 011. I would like to stay in the local area for the evening, any suggestions on the best location? I have also planned with my local radio club over here in the UK to try a summit at around 9 p.m. Belgium time so I can try and hold contacts with the club QTH and speak to a few of the members. So which would you say would be the best of these summits to make the final one for the evening and not have a long car journey back to a hotel?

Any suggestions would be great thank you

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Hi Paul,

I would suggest ON-001 or ON-010 for late night operations.
You can operate from the public parking lot on both summits, and have a lot of space for even an 80m antenna.
(I don’t know if 40m will work for UK contacts, depends on the distance, and QRM is heavy in the evening)

The other two, I wouldn’t stay in darkness, they are rather deserted places.

As for accomodation, I cannot recommend much, I always travel with AirBnb, and have stayed in several good places (send a private mail for more info on that).

There are some hotels near both summits (001/010), but I have no info on those. Otherwise, Eupen is a nice town to stay, maybe someone else knows a good hotel there … G4OBK ?

Another tip : hotels just across the border, in Germany (places like Roetgen, Monschau, Simmerath), often offer rooms with half pension, for the same price you will pay in Belgium or Luxemburg, for just a room with breakfast.
A search on booking.com may find you a good deal.

But they won’t serve you food if you arrive after 10 p.m. of course … and it will be a detour on your intended route I guess.

Luc - ON7DQ

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If you can accept 1 hour drive and also want to make some mountains I would recommend an overnight stay to the northwest. There are a few small towns between Friedrichshafen and the mountains.

cu 73 Armin

I’ve just decided that I will be at Friedrichshafen this year, although the Graz Morse Code school will not be giving a presentation on this occasion. I will be setting off either on Friday the 14th or Monday the 17th, depending on whether I can change some hours at work. I will definitely be in Feldkirch from Monday the 17th and hoping to add DL, DM, HB9 and HB0 to my association tally. I will definitely come along for the group activation.

               73 de OE6FEG

Beginning to look like I will be there due to an unexpected turn of events.

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The Graz Morse Code School has decided that they will in fact do a presentation this year. We really wanted to do a presentation on the Morserino-32, but as Willi - the inventor - could not make it this year, we initially decided to give this year a miss and collect more feedback on the Morserino-32 for a presentation next year. Gerhard then changed his mind and there will be a presentation on Morse Code Operating Procedures. I have not seen the PowerPoint yet, so I have no idea about the specifics; I will translate it in the coming weeks. My own itinerary has changed a bit as well. My school changed my hours, meaning I can’t set off till Tuesday afternoon at the earliest; damn!

Tuesdsay: Graz to Berchtesgaden

Wednesday: DL/BG-063 and DL/BG-061, then Berchtesgaden to Feldkirch.

Thursday: HB0/LI-004 and possibly HB9/AI-001, then Feldkirch to Ravensburg.

Friday: SOTA in the Ravensburger area DM/BW-854 and DM/BW-348, then SOTA dinner in the evening.

Saturday: Friedrichshafen & Graz CW School presentation.

If anyone is in the area and wants to hook up for a dual activation then send me a PM. See you all there.
73 de OE6FEG

Myself and Paul M0SNA/W6PNG will be activating in Italy, Switzerland and Lichtenstein on Thursday on our way to the hotel ready for Friday and Saturday.

Hi All
I have now decided on which summits to activate during my 10 day visit. Travelling on the Tunnel on Wednesday morning and activation’s as follows:
FL/NO-144 Wednesday morning 2m fm
ON/ON-010, ON/ON-011 & ON/ON-001
Staying in Belgium overnight then starting towards Friedrichshafen Thursday morning, stopping at
ON/ON-009 & DM/RP-003 on the way. My hotel is in Daisendorf to the West - NW from the rally. Friday looking at activating DM/BW-348 & DM/BW-854 then off to the SOTA meet up on the early evening. Saturday spending the day at the rally then off playing SOTA again Sunday with activating DM/BW-058, DM/BW-852, DM/BW-846 & DM/BW-064 then back to the hotel which I leave on Monday morning. Heading towards DM/BW-853, DM/BW-195, DM/BW-057 & DM/BW-156 then staying in a hotel in Bad Durrheim. Tuesday of to activate DM/BW-019, DM/BW-054 & DM/BW-103 and then that night staying in a hotel in Ringsheim. Wednesday off to Luxembourg with activations on LX/LX-001, LX/LX-002 & LX/LX-003 and staying in a hotel in Wiltz. Thursday back to Belgium and activating ON/ON-006 & ON/ON-021 my last night away and staying in a hotel near Besonrieux. Friday head back to the tunnel and leave France at around 2 pm. Well that is the plan if it all works? I hope Michelle (xyl) doesnt kill me lol.

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Hi Paul, I may see you on some of them summits, if not, definitely at the hotel/meal. Don’t forget to fill your car up in LX!

Just one day? You’ll not see much of it then.