French Summits

From Mid May to Mid June of this year, together with XYL Nan & Sister in law Kim (Non Radio persons) I will be in France and I am looking for some advice on some suitable summits.
We will have a small hire car and be travelling by road possibly via these legs.
Paris to Tours by train.
Tours to Mont Dore.
Mont Dore to Puy
Puy to Lyon
Lyon to Annecy
Annecy to Beaume
Beaume to Dijon
Dijon to Noyers
Noyers to Joigny
Joigny to Corbigny by boat.
Corbigny to Paris by taxi & train.

There will (hopefully) be some limited opportunities to activate a couple of summits. Not looking for anything to extreme as we will not have all our usual hiking gear. Something with a nice view but close to road access would be ideal.
I will be using the KX3 and an Alex loop. I may have a hand held 2 & 70 with me.
Any suggestions on summits or places of interest along the way would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance Tony VK3CAT (a work in progress)

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Hi Tony,

I am using sometimes this site

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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Hi Tony,
That is great to come to France ! I would say that close to Lyon you will find some summits. But the best one, very nice summit will be close to Annecy. It needs to go not too far, you have a big choice : difficult or not.
I go every year in this area and i love it.
With 2 m or 70 cm, you will not have fun in France, not a lot of station if it is not sunday morning !! It will be usefull in mobile only !

wish you a good trip to France, do not hesitate to ask us any information. My Sota friend and I are at your disposal to give you advice if necessary.
best regards

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First, i want you to say WELCOME.
You can try in Mont Dore: F/MC-001 - Le Puy de Sancy (F/MC-021 . F/MC-009 . F/MC-001 . F/MC-008 (Massif Central) - YouTube)
Or (F/MC-021 - F/MC-01 - F/MC-009 - F/MC-008 - YouTube).
On my video, it seems difficult, yes it can be hard if you decide traking as me’
You must know, there is cable railway to climb and thé final by step.
Then for sure, you’ll be enjoyable about view
Bad luck you don’t visit southern, countrie is so différent than northern.
73 QRO

Let us know, if you need more.

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HI Tony,
Yes GOOD FUN in France,
Between Beaune and Dijon done F/VL-007 Bois de Pierre Saux not so far away from your route… You can recherge your battery at Nuit St Georges if you want… I’ve done it very earlier in the morning about 300m to walk to find the wood (I done it across the field but there is way to find (don’t have time to look at it !!!)… Quite fine just one point but there not 10 point hiii !!! And after F/VL 010 don’t have done it can’t say any more…
Before in MC you have the choice to 1 to 6 point !!!
Good trip in France Tony
Please maybe to heard you…
Best 73

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Hi Tony
I leave near Dijon and only 5 km at bird flight from F/VL-010 ; I went here many time before, it is a plesant walk of about 2 km on a gravel road ! I will be pleased to walk there with you !
please contact me via email on
best 73
chris / F6FTB

Thanks for all the info. We are going over the itinerary this afternoon. Not so interested in the points, rather get at least rwo activations in, take in a reasonable view and not be too much of an inconvenience to my other travellers. Cheers Tony VK3CAT

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Tony, are you aware that if you are looking to the ‘Mountain Explorer’ award you only need one activation in the association, unlike ‘Mountain Hunter’ where you need two contacts.
I’m hoping to get a 9H activation in September this year :slight_smile:

73 Mike VK6MB

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For sure Tony, you’ll be enjoyable about Puy de Sancy in Mont Dore.
You have to take cable railway and walk only the final steps.
Don’t forget cheking weather:

I live near Marseille, too far from F/MC.
If you decide to change your plan, let me know
73 Roger

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Thanks for the links Roger. Now consulting the maps