Free Flickr Photo account limitations

with my last upload I ran into the 200 picture limit of the free Flickr account. This means only the 200 newest uploads are being displayed. I never thought this would occur so quickly, but here we are. Not sure if I shall spend 25 bucks a year for the pro upgrade, since I do not use it for any other than SOTA pics, OTOH this would enable some nice and smart features.

I know there are some more foto communities around but it certainly makes no sense to spread the pics here and there.

How are you dealing with that?

73 Bernhard DL4CW

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After you hit the limit only the latest 200 or so photos can be seen in your account. I hit the limit sometime back and currently the last 205 photos are visible in my account.

But any photos you copy to another pool always remain visible. The answer is to make sure you share the photos into the Summits on the Air pool. There are 452 photos of mine visible through the pool and that’s 249 more than I can see in my account.

You don’t need to spend money yet! :wink:


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excellent :wink:

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just because you have hit your limit, does not mean you cant repost other photos, cant remember how but you can see all the photos you have uploaded somewhere,
dont let this fool you, plus you can put them into folders which show up on the right, or like you say click onto Summits on the air photo pool, where there are 6352 photos, and under the photos you can see the most top 5 contributors to the group,
Steve m0sgb