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France now on 60m

Rick, whilst what you and Andy say about government resources is undoubtedly true, even if the government reshuffle today created a Department of Radio Amateur Frequency Allocation my point is that we have no cogent argument to justify being allocated more 5MHz spectrum. And I for one am embarrassed by those who claim what we have is an impediment to working RAs in countries with WRC15.

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The trick in this game is knowing not just your own allocations, but also where others can operate. My initial comment was there simply as a reminder to 5 MHz CW activators in Europe that working above 5354.0 kHz could increase the number of possible chasers a bit. In the past, contacts have been made between countries with non-overlapping allocations by judicious use of split operating, but that takes a bit of pre-planning, and using a spot where allocations overlap is probably much simpler.

I agree, Rick. And it’s not rocket science to check both allocations to find, suggest and promote the use of common frequencies. I know some (like Andy @MM0FMF) like (or at least propose) split operation as a solution but I think there’s no real need to resort to that. I never have a problem finding vacant common frequencies for 5-cw and 5-ssb. If anyone does as a regular occurrence, I would like to hear their experiences.

I aim for 5354.5 kHz for CW (when I’m feeling up to it) but I must confess I usually go to 5398.5 kHz for SSB, mainly as it was the go-to frequency before the WRC-15 allocation came along. Of course, it’s not in the WRC-15 allocation, but is one of the channels allocated in the Republic of Ireland.

. . . still missing and waiting for


permitting 60 m - just wanted to enter an alert for 60 m for tomorrow and reduced the entry to 20 m and 40 m now after checking the OE bandplan - désolé!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Welcome, France on 60m …
maybe already 18.02.2020 SQ9MDF/p

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