France: Ardèche F/CR & F/MC - Recommendations?

I will stay about 1 week in France, Ardèche, close to Les Vans.
Do you have any recommendations for summits in that region?
Andy, DK7MG

Hello Andy,

I do not know this area, near Les Vans. But looking at the Sota Mapping
i can see no much summits around. The closest is F/CR-147 (no yet activated).

When looking at the map, i can see it is a summit reachable easily.
You can see a map 1/25000 with all the footpath on the French Geoportail Web pages.

wait for a few seconds, type “les Vans” in the box, chose the map on the left of the page…
The you can get the map like this:

If you need help do not hesitate.

Hello Gerald,

thank you very much for the link to the Geoportail.
It took some time until I found out how to display the trails like on your screenshot. It seems to work only with the version avancée but not with the version simplifiée that I tried first.
Now this is very helpful for my planning.

Merci beaucoup,

I will be there next week (after 16.08.2015) and will try to activate one or more summits in the region F/CR or F/MC. Since I will probably not be able to spot myself or to update my alert I will now enter a very general alert and rely on KU6J to spot me when the RBN detects my CQ.
73 Andy, DK7MG