Four new F/MC peaks

Over the last weekend, I had a chance to activate a few previously unactivated peaks in the French MC (Massif Central) region, all of them about an hour west of Lyon. While I might not have found the best way up all of them, I did find a way up all of them, and have documented it, with some commentary, on my blog.


Thank you Jack for 2 summits F/MC-240 & F/MC-036
i do hope hear you again
73 de F5LKW - Roger

Hi Jack,
Thank you for the activations, the 2 QSOs we had and the very nice write ups, which I enjoyed very much reading.

In my opinion the road you found with access restriction sign applies to unathorised vehicles only but walkers are usually allowed to walk/hike over there. The mountains are public, I guess.
Should they were private, you would have surely found some sort of fences not letting you get in.

Regarding Pierre, it is in French the same name as Peter in English, but it also means rock.
In fact, acording to my theologist uncle, Jesuschrist chose Peter to be the base rock of the christian church or christian faith.
Peter in Spanish is Pedro and Rock in Spanish is piedra --> You see? Pedro = piedra



Thanks for the QSOs, Roger & hope to see you on the air again - Jack

Hi Señor Guru!

Tnx fer your comments - I agree that the road signs probably apply to vehicles and not walkers. I did not see anything marked “propriété privée”, so I think it is probably okay to walk to the top of les Cornes d’Urfé.