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Forward Planning in the decades ahead

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7x fat finger errors
3x people who don’t know their months from the days error.

The 32bit software world ends at 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038 when 32bit time_t values overflow.

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All users make mistakes from time to time, it’s inevitable. It’s a simple matter to write a short piece of code which rejects unlikely dates input by the user, and examples like these would no longer appear in the lists.

It’s just a question of how willing the programmer is to expend energy and time on writing, testing and then implementing the code.


People actually uses FT8 for SOTA? Is this common?


Juerg Regli HB9BIN gave a presentation on using FT8 successfully from a summit at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen in June. As a chaser I have worked just the one station on FT8, this was F5LKW/P, sent -20 received -14, on the 6m band on 28/06/2018.

FT8 is a controversial mode but is another “string to your bow” like it or not. CW is preferred at my station but I will use any mode if needs must to chase more summits.

73 Phil

I’m doing quite a lot of FT8 SOTA activations at present. It is fun and interesting, especially on 6m, but CW remains far superior as an efficient portable mode.