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Food for thought - a reminder how quickly conditions change in the mountains/hills

This afternoon I did my second activation of the day - G/WB-004 Titterstone Clee. I made a fast assent from the town as I wanted to be back at the car before dark. Beautiful clear, cold but sunny conditions on the way up. On the summit I took some photos, spotted via SMS and made a handful of contacts. Within 15 minutes or so of arriving at the trig I was in the middle of a low visibility white out. Fortunately I knew the summit well and have suitable clothing and supplies for most eventualities. It brought it home it’s how important prior preparation is and how quickly conditions can change on the mountain. I’m just pleased I knew the best route back down via the access path. On a positive note it made for a completely different and picturesque return hike!

Thanks for those who chased today - a great group of decent and patient folks.

Titterstone Clee Blog Entry (with pics and video of before and after)

Report from the mornings activation of Brown Clee Hill


And it happens even to the best of the best, as we can learn from the 1961 drama at the Freney Pillar in the Mont Blanc region:


73 de Martin, DK3IT


Hi Martin,

Makes for some harrowing reading! :neutral_face:

73 de Carl