Folding@home and Covid-19 ... continued.

Wow those folding graphs from extreme overclocking are great!

I’ll give you one guess as to when I installed a new RTX 2070. Just in time for flight sim 2020, couldn’t resist with a birthday and no ic-705 to blow my spare cash on :smile:

For those that are interested here is what I am seeing:

  • CPU tasks on the i5-3570k (2 slots) earn ~12K PPD.
  • CPU tasks on the 3600X (11 slots) earn ~164K PPD.
  • GPU tasks on the RX570 earn ~190K PPD. The YL’s machine now running two GPUs.
  • GPU tasks on the RTX 2070 earn ~1.972M PPD.

As I said earlier in the threads, running these machines is consuming ~700W, our office daily draw ~16kWh. But, there is enough heat generated to keep the Sydney office comfortable in our mild winter cool.

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Ahh interesting Sam. I assumed you had added some horsepower recently having followed the data.

FYI my current folding set up is as follows with two PC’s I built during lock-down, However these will be reconfigured soon so this is likely to change:

PC No. 1 - 2 GPU’s (no CPU folding)
GTX 1060 3GB - typically 400-500k PPD
RTX 2080 Super - typically 2.2-2.5M PPD

PC No. 2 - 2 GPU’s (no CPU folding)
RTX 2060 - typically 1.1-1.2.M PPD
RTX 2060 - typically 1.1-1.2.M PPD

Therefore with breaks and different work unit yields, I usually net between 4.5M and 5M PPD. I’m perfectly happy to have invested the watts in Covid research but I do see this dropping off a bit when I reconfigure the hardware components shortly.

Having said all this, and as has been said before but worth restating, every little helps in the fight against Covid-19 and many other diseases. So if you can spare the time of your computer when you’re not using it and logging SOTA contacts (you can tell the client to stop folding when you are working so it will not interfere), please take a look here.


I see the team has climbed into the top 1000 of 254620, today.
I am currently off the grid, but will back to it, when I am home next week.



Team Summit On The Air / 265845 has now reached over one billion points, completed over 30000 computational tasks and is ranked 703 out of 255916 teams.

Maybe we have contributed a little bit to the development of a vaccine. In any case, it has contributed to a better understanding of the virus. But we still know far too little.

You can join at any time - I would be happy!

73 Armin


My personal computer runs mostly idle when I work on my office computer… so I’ve just joined the team :slight_smile:

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I pretty much have it running all the time on my Macbook Pro when it is plugged in being used as a desktop, without any noticeable adverse impact on performance (when just doing web browsing, office automation etc.). Shame they don’t exploit the GPU on Macs as it would probably make quite a difference to my currently small contribution.

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I must confess… I had taken some time off… but now at Omikron… I’m at it again.

I think it is needed!

73 Armin

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