Foggy day on LZ-039 Monte Scalambra 5/12/2021 Iw0hk & Iz0Fly

Hello Om,
today weather in Roma was bad… but after 3 weeks without montains me and Luca Iz0Fly decide to go anyway and try to make a Sota activation even with rain… so we decide to go to Monte Scalambra a nice summit, 1 hour driving from Roma. The summit is 1420 mt. high and is know because it’s a nice spot for
paragliding. Today was not for this activity… in the top… was full of fog and light rain, but we try to make cw traffic using our Ubitx qrp rtx and a vertical antenna with Elecraft T1 tuner. At the end 18 Qso on 20/30/40 band with one S2s, so a nice sota day… foggy and cold but very very nice. Here are some photos:


Hi Andrea
I tried to listen you in 40mt without success. On this band, I was able to contact IK6BAK from MC-108 abt 100km closer. I think it was caused by different lobes. I hope for the next time.

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Dear Roberto,
propagation was strange on 40 meter, i hope we can try again next time !!

73 And IW0HK

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I’ve tried to have QSO with you on 20 and 40, during my activation of I/MC-108 Fenigli, unfortunately without success.
Weak signals.
Ciao amici miei.

'73 de ik6bak, Eliseo.


Alla prossima ragazzi!!

Hi Andrea,

It’s great to read your report. I am new to SOTA and in FR for a few days and decided to activate some summits myself too. From my research, I found there are lots of LZ’s that have not been activated at all. So I did LZ-124 yesterday; LZ-161 today and maybe another tomorrow. It’s such a great way to explore the summits & hilltop towns of Lazio.

Saluti da Leandro M0XPO


Hi Leandro, the FR it’s perfect to start with Sota, full of easy summit easy to active !

Best 73 de Iw0hk Andrea