Fog and sun- AR: OE/NO-154

Dear SOTA-friends,

Yesterday I wanted to go away from the boring high fog at my home-QTH.
So I decided to make a first activation at OE/NO-154 Plambacher Höhe.

After a 1 hour drive I reached the farm near the summit and I did right - sunny wx with some clouds and the fog stayed in the valleys - hi.

I wanted to work HB9CGA/p s2s first, but couldn’t get through his pile-up…
So I started 1kc up and had also a wonderful pile-up with 32 QSOs. Followed by 17 QSOs on 30m and only 3 on 20m. Sri I made a typo in my spot with 14069 and called on 14060…

Some pics with the nice change of fog ans sun you’ll find here:

Tnx fer all qso’s
cu on the next summit
73 de Chris, OE3CHC

In reply to OE3CHC:
Hello Chris what amazing green country side you have there , my land is now very brown and dry. very nice pictures.
73 ian vk5cz …