Foel Fenlli GW/NW-051 14/8/2007

With Fun Evening looking like a complete cancellation, it was surprising to see the sun appear later in the evening, so on the spur of the moment I decided that I could activate Moel Famau GW/NW-044 and Foel Fenlli GW/NW-051, if I went for a 2m-fm hand held only activation.

At the time I was in contact with Mike GW0DSP, who was at a lose end and agreed to come along for the ride, but would stay in the vehicle at the top Car park while I activated both summits.

I packed the mountain bike for a swift ascent/descent of Moel Famau, then I would go on foot up Foel Fenlli.

It wasn’t to be!!

The clouds darkened as we left Mold town centre on the Mold to Ruthin road and by the time we arrived at the parking spot, it was looking very murky indeed.

On arrival at our parking spot and after a brief chat with Mike, it was decided that in the interests of safety that Moel Famau would have to be cancelled as the weather worsened, so I opted for Foel Fenlli only.

I think I shocked Mike and myself as I jogged up to the summit, only taking a break use my mobile phone to take a couple of snaps of the summit of Moel Famau in the near distance. Visibility was good at this time and the rain had almost stopped.

From the summit top, I worked Mike back in the car first, then four more stations in quick succession, then was warned by Mike to get off the summit as quickly as possible, as there was torrential rain plus heavy cloud/mist coming up the valley from the direction of Ruthin.

I didn’t need a second warning as the visibility went from approximately five miles to almost zero in seconds.

Luckily I was able to follow the path down and into better visibility with the heart warming site of my car now only 300 metres away.

I have never been more relieved to descend a summit so quickly and learned a very valuable lesson.

My most sincere apologies to those I didn’t get to work, but there was no way I could have stayed up there one second longer.

Thanks to all stations worked …


73 Barry M3PXW

In reply to M3PXW:

Very surprised to hear you were out this evening Barry - WX not good even over here in the sheltered east. Better safe than sorry at all times - I know that Foel Fenlli can be a very wet summit!

73, Gerald

P.S. you were 52 on Waun Fach on Saturday, but I was using just 2.5w to the whip on the 817. Sorry time was limited due to a lapse in my navigation skills, so we did not put up the main antennas.

In reply to G4OIG:
Hi Gerald
thank’s for the bit about saturday you was 21 here.

73 Barry M3PXW