Foel Cwmcerwyn GW/MW-011

Just a thank you to all who called in this morning… I know I had to take a small break as a station .5khz down was wiping you all out, must get a filter for the FT817, once again big thank you. You can read my little adventures link below…


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Ah, the summit with the mist magnet on it - about 10m or so if I remember correctly when I was there… and that was July as well! Nice report on the blogspot Steve. Pity you didn’t call on 2m SSB as Don G0RQL would have lit up your front end for you.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Hello Gerald,
Thanks for the comments,the mist stuck around for around about an hour, cleared off half way through the activation, by the time I tried 2m the Sun was out, just found it incredible that there was no one around apart from the station in Criccieth. Great views from there, did get a couple stuck on the flickr. VHF ssb is on the cards.