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Flickr - Two SOTA Groups of photos

Hi All

I uploaded some photos to the SOTA Group (145 members) last night and then I realised they were not visible in the Summits on the air Photo Pool(112 Members) that has a link from the SOTAWatch page. At that point I discovered that we had two different groups of SOTA pictures on Flickr.

Does anyone know why? This is very confusing and now some of my pictures are visible on both groups - unneccesary duplication but with maximum viewing coverage. This could do with sorting out by bringing the two pools together into one. I wasn’t aware of it until last night.

Any comments from the administrators who moderate these two Flickr groups of photos? I think this is John GW4BVE for the SOTA Group and Ric G3CWI for the Summits on the air Photo Pool.

73 Phil

In reply to G4OBK:


Some time ago, John GW4BVE decided that he did not want his Flickr Group to have a link from the SOTA website and so another one was set up by me to continue the facility.



In reply to G3CWI:

Thanks for the info Richard, I wasn’t aware of that.

73 Phil