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“Flavours” Challenge- discussion 2

Curses! Foiled again!

(With apologies to “Hiss the Villain” by Cossons and Taylor!)

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Thanks for todays early morning activation on 80m CW/FT8, a pleasant change to get a QSO in the log before my breakfast. The relaxed pose in the photo noted (crossed legs)…

73 Phil G4OBK

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Many thanks for both CW and SSB on 80m, SOTA chased before the kettle had boiled :slight_smile:

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Not necessarily if you find me cross-legged during an activation it’s usually because I’m bursting for a leak in the middle of a pile-up and hence far from relaxed :-s


Decc - you mean FT8? I was summoned home before I had chance to do SSB!

I wasn’t quite awake enough to catch you on 80 metres CW yesterday. I’d guess you and I would be pretty much at opposite ends of the “enjoys competition” scale. :wink: I’ve never ever been even slightly tempted to enter anything like a major marathon, cycle run or mass hike, either. If it involves being given a number, I’ll not be there. :cat: I do, however, find the rules of radio competitions a source of considerable fascination, and more than occasional mind-bogglement (like, for example, the Fox Mike Hotel POC, which includes some particularly fascinating scoring complications). :face_with_monocle:

Every day I check the Alerts for 80m activations so that I can give reports to people preparing for the challenge. I look for 160m, too, but more out of duty than in expectation - come on, guys, John using GX0OOO/P has shown that it is practicable, give it a try!

Weather permitting I will be using the 160m coils again in November. Catch you then, Brian.
Thanks for 80m and 60m QSOs yesterday. I was surprised at how well 80m was doing mid afternoon.

It’s not a competition. It’s a Challenge. Just a motivation to use bands and modes on SOTA activations that you might not normally consider. Hopefully adds a bit of variety and interest for the chasers, increases activity with activators revisiting summits they might not bother with a second time otherwise, and gives a push for post-MG activators to stay active in the programme.

YMMV - as they say.