Flagstaff Fearsome Four - Modified to Flagstaff Fearsome Five

Rather than cancel the Flagstaff Fearsome Four, it will be modified and for 2022 we’ll call it the Flagstaff Fearsome Five.
The Tunnel Fire was a major event in Flagstaff and resulted in a Forest Service Closure Order which makes it impossible to hike one of the original Four, O’Leary Peak W7A/CS-006.
I searched for a comparable summit, and while there are many in the area, I did not find one that closely matched O’Leary Peak which would have required a 9+ miles of trail hike with around 2,000’ of climbing. However, we can simulate it by substituting TWO summits! They are:
Slate Mountain - W7A/AE-034, 8,219’ - approx 4.5mi trail, 900’ climb
Woody Mountain - W7A/AE-037, 8,048’ - approx 4mi trail, 750’ climb
The other 3 summits remain accessible:
Elden Mountain - W7A/AE-017, 9,301’
Humphreys Peak - W7A/AE-001, 12,635’
Kendrick Peak - W7A/AE-008, 10,420’

As previously noted, the final plan will be to do this on June 4 & June 5 (Saturday/Sunday)

You do NOT need to activate all 5 summits to join the fun! In fact I expect few if any will complete all 5. Choose one, two, or however many you want. All 5 have trails to the top. This is also the weekend of the W1 Campout so maybe we will get some nice S2S action.

Message me if you need more details or plan to travel from out of town!

Keith KR7RK


Good choices!
Both are favorites of XYL Kay, KE7BGM.

Best, Ken

Fantastic. I can’t wait. See you on Saturday.