Five Days in Arctic Wilderness

The expedition 21.8. - 25.8. 2012 was similar to the one that I did one year ago. I wrote a story about it in a Finnish radio magazine “Call of the Boulder Fields”. First night I stayed in a wilderness hut on Lake Termisjarvi and the other three nights in a tent with a sleeping bag. The weather was dry and sometimes even warm during the day time. At night the temperature dropped to zero Celsius and two nights there was some rain and snow fall. This is typical for an arctic summer. The total distance walked was about 90 km. On the first summit Muurivaara a curious young raindeer watched my operation, but I did not meet any lemmings this year. Water in the lakes is quite fresh for swimming. Thanks for all the QSOs ans spots. I did not have access to internet during the expedition and did not do self spotting.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

Map: Halti Kilpisjärvi 1:50 0000

Radio: ATS3B, 8xAA alkaline, link dipole

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr

In reply to OH7BF:
Looks like a nice hike.
Seems like your lightweight radioequipment makes it possible to have a backpack that doesent weight a ton, even with sleepingbag and clothing for the nordic “summer”.

I didnt meet any raindeers on saturdays activation of LA/HM-134, only loads of raindeer-hunters, luckily i didnt have a yagi on top of my backpack…

I was carrying a yaesu 857, with 10ah NiMh battery on a two day hike this summer. Now i have LiFe batteries and learning morse code…

Guess its easyer to get contacs on CW without selfspotting, then SSB?

73 de

In reply to OH7BF:
Hej Jaakko !!.
Many thanks for the all SOTA QSO’s CW 30/20m.
VY 73! de Robert SP8RHP.