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First VE6 activation VE6/RA-034 Nose Hill, Calgary

It took a few weeks to get the first VE6 activation.
Despite the -25 degrees Celsius weather (No Winter bonus since its below 1500m)I managed to rustle 5 simplex QSO on 2m today (Boxing Day). I spent about 90 minutes on the summit that is fortunately a short 20 minute walk from the car park. I doubt this is the coldest activation but my handheld needed regular resuscitation inside my parka.
Thanks goes to VE6CCL, VE6ZQ, VA6DBA, VE6TF and VE6MT for helping me activate VE6/RA-034 Nose Hill. 1227m 4026feet, location 51.1160 North -114.1220 West , 1 Point

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In reply to VA6MCB:

Congrats Walker…sure was a cold Christmas this year! Have a Happy New Year!


In reply to VA6FUN:

Congrats for a first VE6 accomplished activation :wink:

Wish you many more to come.