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First time activation in SV/AG

I’m off to Sifnos in the Cyclades next month for a couple of weeks of R&R. However, I am probably taking my KX3 and EFHWs for 17m and 20m.

If it works out, and is not too hot, I may activate SV/AG-028 which appears not to have been activated before.

Based on my knowledge of the topography in Sifnos, I should be able to alert and self spot from the top, but what frequencies would be best?

Gareth, M5KVK

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Hi Gareth, thought you might have got a few responses by now from a few in the know. 17m and 20m should be fine - you never know I might get my aging antenna replaced by then. :wink: You could always give the 6m and 10m a bash so the non-competitive chasers can grab more points for the 6/10m challenge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Best of luck and good R&R.

73 Neil

For me I’d prefer 40m but realise that might not be possible, equipment-wise. It’s just the skip distance that means lots of European activations on 20m or 17m, I simply can’t hear but 40m is fine.

73 Ed.

P.S. you didn’t mention CW or phone? Not a brass pounder myself.

SSB only for SOTA.

I was hoping to take a small digital modes setup on holiday but I’m having trouble sorting out a small multi-mode digital interface between my Windows tablet and the KX3.

Thanks, Neil.

Apart from watching as much of the Le Mans 24hr race as possible over the first weekend, I’m hoping to do as little as possible. The SOTA activation will only be feasible if the temps aren’t too high: there’s absolutely no cover on that mountain.


Well, I managed to activate AG-028. I’ll do a fuller report separately, but it went well. I worked 31 stations on 20m with 5W into an EFHW.

Congrats Gareth,

the local “SOTA” frequency on 2m is 145.375 FM , you will have QSOs or/and help (almost immediatelly after the spot) from any summit in your area.

Have a nice time and dont hesitate to ask any help you need. Contact info
73, Panos, SV1COX

Thanks, Panos
I’ll remember to take 2M with me when I go back next September.

Based on other comments, I’ll take 40m with me as well so the locals can get in on the action.
73, Gareth