First Summit To Summit

This weekend I did my first Summit to Summit (that I know of). I worked NM5S on W5N/SI-006 (Capilla Peak) from W7A/PE-012 (6300) which I thought was very cool.

Is there a way to know about these contacts from the logs etc, without purposefully trying to make these type contacts?

Thanks for the contact and thanks to all the chasers as well.


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Hi Mike.

Yes, the system has that covered. It just needs you to enter a little more information.

To enter an S2S QSO manually go to the screen for entering a chase - Submit Chase/S2S/SWL Entry. After all, you are chasing the other summit.

Proceed as normal, entering the details for the remote summit in section (a) and then the QSO details in section (b). The difference comes when you tick the box for S2S, which will reveal section © where you enter the details for the remote summit.

Once you start getting lots of these (!) you may want to import from a CSV file instead. A logging program such as Saisie SOTA will output the files for you. Saisie SOTA now outputs two CSVs; one you import to the database through Import Activator TSV/CSV and the other with Import Chaser TSV/CSV.

Once you’ve got your S2S QSOs logged onto the database you’ll be able to see them in your Summit to Summit Log under My Results. You’ll also appear on the Summit to Summit Roll of Honour

73, Simon

Thanks for the reply, but what you posted would assume that I (or another activator) would know they are in contact with another activator. I was thinking more on the lines of the website connecting those dots.

In this last case, I knew I was contacting another activator, but what about cases where neither party knows (if that is possible)?

So I just log the contact as a chaser and the website will do the rest?

Thanks again,


I suppose that would be possible, though very unusual, I would think. Most activators would be calling “CQ SOTA”, or at least mentioning their summit ref every few QSOs, which would give a clue.

But, if you don’t make a point of logging it as a S2S, then the database won’t work it out for you. (The evidence would be there, assuming that you both logged the contact, and you could add the S2S entry at any time after the event, once you became aware of it)

I Think that’s correct…


I hesitated in replying as I wasn’t sure what you were asking.

You have to enter your chase - you’re not forced to accept any chaser points, you have to claim them.

The above answer details the procedure. If you’re not sure that the other station is on a summit then in my opinion, something has failed. Ideally you should get the summit reference during the QSO, but it has been implied that this is NOT necessary for a contact to count, so information from listening for a while, or via a spot can be used to glean the summit reference.

73, Colin M1BUU

I think it is possible for the activator station not to know it is being “chased” by another activator. The chaser would/should know it is contacting another summit. Unless an activator is actively searching the frequencies for contacts, you are correct, one party at least should know.


One other point to make is that in an accidental S2S scenario, say you’ve discovered after the event somehow that your QSO partner was on a summit, you can’t necessarily claim it as a valid S2S. If they didn’t tell you they were a SOTA station maybe it’s because they weren’t operating to SOTA rules. For example working from a vehicle or using a generator.

Anyway, if you call in to another station from a summit just make sure they know what’s what at your end and it will all work out.


Hi Mike, if you get called on a summit by another activator on a summit, you’ll know about it, by the calling station calling “Summit to Summit” “Summit to Summit”. The unwritten rule is that S2S contacts are given preference and if you don’t hear the station calling, another chaser who does will most likely ask you to listen for the calling summit station.

As the others have said, afterwads it’s up to you to enter the data correctly in the database.

73 Ed.

Ed, thanks, you just filled my gap in knowledge. I had no idea and didn’t even think to send “summit to summit”; that fixes that!