First SOTA summit after lockdown and winning the lottery?

OK, so I can’t SOTA at the moment.

Imagine the good fortune of the lockdown ending and winning the lottery simultaneously. Where would you activate first, in an ideal world?

I like the idea of a trip to Réunion, a nice tour of the summits there would go down a treat.

FR/RE-001, Piton Des Neiges - 3070m, 10 points


I guess since I had to cancel my trip to V5 land at the last moment due to this virus, this summit is still high on my list!

V5/HA-287 - Big Daddy Dune


I have been out for a cycle ride today and I can confirm that SOTA’s most popular summit is still there. G/SP-015. No doubt this will be someone’s first.

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It was still there as I walked over Tidnock.

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HI Mark

Yes, what a fantastic destination. Suffice to say I would have been happy to get to Czech Republic later this month to activate 40-50 summits and to Mallorca in May to get maybe another 10. It’s not to be though and both tours have been cancelled with some considerable loss of money. Its complicated, but Which? the consumer organisation are on the case.

Either of these two destinations will do for me - hopefully we can go for them again later in the year and possible add Austria and Croatia to the list. I wanted to do Europe big style this year as we are in Brexit transition as it looked likely we would leave at year end without making a deal with the EU. Now everything is up in the air. If you look back to the Spanish Flu epidemic in the early part of the 20th century that nasty virus has similarities to this one. It had 3 discernible peaks, the middle one costing the most lives.

Stay safe y’all and take no chances…

73 Phil

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This 1918 flu pandemic, maliciously named Spanish flu in the years of the 1st World War, which was originated most likely in the USA, although some hypotheses also locate its origin in France and China.
I’d recomend you all reading about it here:




If money were no object, then I would visit both Namibia and St Helene. However, I was compelled to rebook some flights that were originally scheduled for May, so I decided to take a chance and try for Tenerife at Christmas again. If things are up and running by then, I’ll be more than happy. Probably a bit optimistic, but it was either rebook or cancel, whadyagonnado!
73 Matt

Here in Germany we are fortunately not yet affected by a lockdown.
Hopefully it will stay that way.

I’m not really attracted to exotic summits. I think it’s nice to activate a summit for the first time… and I would like more time to do this (They say time is money, but in this case, money is time). Of course money would also help with the general conditions…

My wife loves hiking and so I am in the happy position to arrange my holiday accordingly. For February 2021 (my 60th birthday) the Canaries are already booked. … and we have agreed on Cyprus and Isreal for the next years. — But I wouldn’t mind doing all this in one year…going to work ruins all the fun :wink:

73 Armin

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Of course the No 1 summit should be No 1 on the summit list.

3Y/BV-001 and it would definitely require a massive lottery win to get there.

73 de

Andrew (G4VFL)


Andrew - given that I’m not competitive and taking into account the experience of those attempting to get to Bouvet Island let alone activate it I think I’ll leave that one to the experts.

Of course having several million in the bank might focus the mind… it’s certainly a very SOTA-specific destination, isn’t it?

What other hobbies or sports would be looking to get there I wonder?

Regards, Mark.

The WIKI article was MOST interesting. Thanks!

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I have so many test accounts on the test data that have made activations or chases of this summit, I tend to forget it’s so remote :smiley:

I’ll go with ZL9/AI-001 (Cavern Peak / Mt D’Urville)

I would love to activate GM/NS-086 Stac Pollaidh (Stack Polly on older maps) as it is pretty good value for a two-point summit!

The Cloud G/SP-015.

After buying that farmhouse on it that sits 15m below the activation zone with the lottery win.


The simple fact that lockout arrives is that you win the lottery.

I will already be happy with making the sota nearest from my house.

This kind of scene (cuarentine at home and the death of hundred of miles persons) should make us think about the simple things.


I fancy having a go at Boreray, St Kilda in my fatasy activation list Walk Report - Boreray - St Kilda • Walkhighlands. On the good news from it is probably virus free, although a group was stranded there following a smallpox outbreak 300 years ago! Might take some time to qualify as a complete! A lesser challenge might be a complete for the summit of Mullach Mor on the main island… I will proabaly do Cross Fell as a realistic activation when allowed!

I was on St. Kilda in 2012 for IOTA, climbed the hill but I did not know about SOTA at the time :frowning: . Sailed over and had a look at Boreray, you would have your work cut out :slight_smile:


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After a month of lockdown, the lowest, least panoramic and closest to home would be enough for me …


As they say, any port in a storm. Come to think about it Fabio, I have not activated my nearest Sota this year. Long Crag G SB-008 (one point) awaits my attention. Yes it would be an great activation.

Stay Safe

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A cracking summit on a nice day.

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