First solo CW activation

Thanks to all that worked me tonight and for putting up with my shocking CW, Started on 40m but I think it was a bit late in the day so QSYed to 80m where I was answered straight away.

It sure saves tuning around looking for someone calling CQ, Already looking forward to my next CW activation. Sean M0GIA

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It was far from shocking Sean. Very good in fact.

Thanks for the QSO (incidentally I was QRP at this end) and hope to catch you on the next one.

73 Marc G0AZS

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Thanks Marc, You was a good signal with me that rose to S9+ a couple of times.

QRP CW is very impressive, After the CW dried up I took a look around the SSB portion of 80m only to realise I had not taken my mic which is another first! Sean M0GIA

In reply to M0GIA: Thanks for the QSO from G/SP-013. Your cw is far from being a problem. 73’s John

Thank goodness you finally ran out of excuses not to do a solo CW activation! No looking back now. How many QSOs did you make? I went to your activator log to see where you worked, but you’ve not updated it since November :frowning:

Look forward to the next one.


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There we go now updated, Only worked 5 chasers which was enough or was it? Maybe not I am planning my next CW activation for the weekend if the weather is ok, I will alert as soon as I can.

                                 Sean M0GIA

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Congratulations, Sean! We could certainly do with more UK activators on CW.
I’ll try to catch you on your next CW activation.

P.S. Thanks, Tom, for “chasing” me on 40m CW on 14th Feb, when I was on WB-023!

Walt (G3NYY)

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Congratulations on your first CW activation Sean.

I was thinking of giving it a go the other weekend from Pendle Hill but after struggling to get my head into the right gear at home in the morning I thought better of trying in the somewhat less comfortable surroundings of a winter summit.

My day will come though :slight_smile:

Hope to work you on the key soon.


Mark G0VOF

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Hi Mark and thanks for the kind words, Not my first CW activation but my first solo CW activation. My first CW activation was back in late 2008, There was no way I could have done it back then on my own as my copying along with my confidence was very limited and if I am to be honest I felt it was all beyond me.

Yep I fell into the negative hole of the self limiting belief that I would never be able to do this Morse code stuff … result? I loose. GAME OVER!

Back in the last week of November 2009 I thought I would try again in the new year, I know I always knew a “K” or over from listening to and the odd use of repeaters so why dont I learn to “HEAR” the rest of the characters? In fact whats wrong with now rather than waiting until the new year? So thats what I did, I loaded my mobile phone with MP3 files and listened daily for at least 10 mins, I took some days off during Christmas … who wouldnt?

There were days when I thought this aint working once again! I stuck with the daily practice despite these negative thoughts and slowly but surley I could remember more characters, The more characters that sank in the more I thought I can do this!

I dont know what it was like back in the G0 days using CW on air for the first time? I do know that a lot of worry is for nothing nowadays, As MM0FMF says the chasers will do anything to get the points! As M1EYP told me you become the DX and its true, In fact you want to do it again, Couple that with the fact your 5w goes a long way compared to phone modes you find it was worth the sweat.

You will know when your ready as you have already been there, I was probably ready a couple of weeks back, I have to thank M1EYP and MM0FMF for telling me to just get on a summit and do it.

I feel like I just passed my Foundation and got my M3 call in the post! There is going to be some first’s with SOTA using CW in 2010. I look forward hitting my Lego brick paddle once again. Sean M0GIA

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I have to thank M1EYP and MM0FMF for telling me to just get on a summit and do

I’m glad to have helped you gain some courage. Do you think you can moan at me to do a bit more practice? :wink: That’s my problem, I only practice when on the hill and that’s not good enough really. I must start using at lunchtimes again.

I look forward to our 1st S2S on the key.


I’m (yet) another who was always happy to practice on the hill but find it a chore to practice in the shack. Solution? Practice on the hill every morning on the way to work! Worked for me. Problem is I’ve promised a mate a lift to Congleton for the next 18 working weeks :frowning:


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I made a little progress this morning :slight_smile:

I usually tend to stick to working strong clear stations on HF, but while waiting for Gerald to appear on 144.333 SSB this morning I practised my sending. Sending has never really been a problem & this morning I was seeing how fast I could send before there were too many mistakes. I’ve found that my most comfortable sending speed during practise is around 25wpm, but I am quite some way off being able to read comfortably at that speed.

I usually leave my keyer set at 20wpm, which is slow enough for me to be able to read the important details.

When Gerald qsy’d to 70cms CW I could hear him, but as I was only using the 5 element 144MHz Yagi almost sideways on to him, he was quite weak & I wouldn’t normally call a station at that level, & SSB would not have worked.

Of course Gerald is very accommodating & a thoroughly nice chap, so I followed one of his CQ calls with DE G0VOF K.

It was then I realised that I needed to slow my keyer down a little, but being a little flustered, I kept forgetting to press the function button to save the new speed & hence got even more flustered.

We exchanged the relevant details, but I did struggle a little with some other parts of the QSO.

Good fun though, & it is another CW QSO to add to my ever increasing list :slight_smile:

Certainly a mode that is worth the effort of learning in my opinion.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Qoute: Certainly a mode that is worth the effort of learning in my opinion

Without a doubt, My 5w on Tuesday night was working well considering what I was using for an aerial.

If you want to try a 2m CW QSO sometime let me know, You will have to slow down that key though HI! Sean M0GIA