First Slovenian Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Milos, S53X, on becoming the first Slovenian Mountain Goat on 4 June. This was achieved entirely on CW

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

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Čestitamo Milos.


Edit: It looked OK when I entered it!

Cestitam na postignutom uspehu.
Sa zadovoljstvom sam gledao puno tvojih video storija sa brojnih aktivacija.
Zelim ti sve najbolje.

                                                 Vlado, Z35M

Congratulations Milos for being the first person in S5 to achieve mountain goat.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Congratulations Milos

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Congratulations on your achievement Milos and thank you for all the chaser points on your way to Mountain Goat.

You can hang the award on your shack wall with pride.


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My congratulations Milos!

Many tnx for your excellent activations from the S5-summits.

I hope I can enjoy your SOTA-fever for a long time!

Vy73 es SOTA4ever


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Well, one X less in sufix truly means something better, stronger, quicker,… Maybe I should remember this for my next life! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Miloš!


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Congratulations Miloš on being Slovenia’s first mountain goat. Looking forward to many more QSO’s with you during your next 1,000 points, well done!

Vy 73
Roger MW0IDX

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Congratulations Milos,



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Very well done and congratulations Milos. Always a pleasure to work you during my (rare) chasing activities.

73, Gerald

Everyone, thank you very much.
I enjoyed every single activation and again thank you for every QSO, for every spot and every pile-up that I had.
As shown by statistics, 121 unique Summits were activated from the total of 194. 8110 QSOs were done with 1550 stations and from 47 DXCC. 98.9% of all QSOs were in CW.
In less than two years, since S5 is in SOTA, I posted 151 online photo albums with 3053 photos inside.
At the beginning I couldn’t believe the numbers. But the numbers do not lie!
Thank you!
Still in Fever, in SOTA Fever! See you from the next SOTA!

Miloš, S53X

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Congratulations Milos, always a pleasure to work you.

Vy 73,

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congrats Miloš,

a great achievement!

73 Bernhard DL4CW

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Congrats Miloš, well done, I enjoyed every single contact with you.

Ogi, 9A7W

After all, is now time for SOTA video #34, made specifically to celebrate the Mountain Goat achive :wink:

YouTube link: SOTA S5/KA-013, Golica by S53X - YouTube
Vimeo: SOTA S5/KA-013, Golica by S53X on Vimeo

On this occasion, I like to say thanks to assist in the production :
-daughter Sara, who recorded with the third camera, and was also the official photographer on the set;
-daughter Nina for translation and proofreading of my Indian / English tekst;
-Boris S54Q for what is seen in the second half of the film;
-Mica (s54q/horse mobile) for each transport step and really calm pace of the journey;
-Monika (s54q xyl) for the excellent hard liquor at the end of the day;
-XYL Magda, to carry my absence from home;

  • waitress for the friendly smile, my mother who bore me on this world, teacher who … HI!

TNX Again!
I love this game!

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Congratulations Miloš, from a fellow GM(Scottish)Mountain Goat. And well done by your daughter on the Video production - super to watch. Though I thought you might have given the horse a celebratory kiss - hi, hi!!


Jack (:>)

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Excellent video Milos!

at the European Song Contest they would say
Slowenia twelve points, la Slowenie douze points
and the winner is S53X for Slowenia :slight_smile:

Congrats es vy73