First North american multiactivation day november


The W1 SOTA area manager, Tom N2YTF and VE2 area manager, Jean-Pierre VA2SG, along with the help of W2 Area Manager Andrew, KC2EUS and W6 Area Manager Stuart, KI6MWN are setting up a multi areas multi activation day in North america on november 14th 2009.

For this occasion, At least 4 VE2 summits should be on the air on various frequencies and modes. At the same time, some of the W1, W2 and W6 area mountains should be activated, the number of summits in these 3 areas is not known at the moment. But there’s should be some.

More confirmation should appear in the SOTAwatch alerts section. We all hope the WX will be favorable to this late fall North american multi summits activation day.

We hope this will allow all chasers in Europe as well as in North america to get some “rares” summits confirmations. This will be a big chance for you to catch some NA summits.

Winter is getting close and, despite being adventurers, NA SOTA activators dont like being bitten by the cold…

So stay tuned and keep ur ears opened for NA SOTA activators, this coming november 14th.


Tom and Jean-Pierre

Hi Tom & Jean-Pierre

The antennas will be pointing towards NA on HF on November 14th. Much looking forward to your day of action, good luck hopefully, as regards the weather. We will be listening…

73 Phil

In reply to VA2SG:
I think this is an excellent idea that will not only maximise the chance for S2S activations in North America but also S2S from North America to the rest of the world. Will there be mention of this in the ARRL news? Sean M0GIA

Will there be mention of this in the ARRL news? Sean M0GIA
Good question! Who’s writing the press release?

In reply to KI6J:

Can you do this Stuart? I am not very good in english.

I sent to QRZ news section the announcement. Should be in front page of tomorrow.

In reply to VA2SG:

Excellent idea guys, a great way to promote SOTA. Hope you have suitable WX and lots of chasers.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Excellent idea guys, a great way to promote SOTA.

Very true. You cannot have enough publicity. Even here, where there has been over seven years of continuous publicity, I still meet the occasional amateur who has not heard of SOTA.



In reply to VA2SG:
Surely, JP. I am working on an article for the NAQCC newsletter now. I will send you and Tom a copy this morning to review and amend. I will submit the final draft to Amateur Radio Newsline and the ARRL Weekly Letter. If anyone thinks of another outlet, please suggest.

In reply to KI6J:
I sent my group email to Stan, WA1LOU (ARRL guy who wrote about SOTA on the ARRL webpage a while back) when it went to the rest of the bunch in the states, No reply yet.