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First chaser from Sweden / SM1TDE


In reply to DH8DX:
Hi Dan,
yes,Sota is growing.The last activations on my side also SM5AOG and SM3BCS sporadic in Log,due to propagation.Most on 30m . Dan, i see ur QSO-rate on 40m is also good.think ur “sparrow” is working fine.

Greetings from DM-BW…Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DH8DX:

Hi Dan

Great news on the Swedish chasers and the Sparrow. For those that are unfamiliar with this radio, the details are here:


I have been working on a constant current charger for sealed lead-acid cells in my car so that I can charge them properly between activations. It consists of a 12v-18V switched mode DC-DC converter and a constant current source based on an LM317T. It is designed to deliver 430mA and, due to the DC to DC converter, it will deliver this current regardless of the car battery voltage (i.e. unlike less complex systems it will charge the batteries when the engine is switched off). This will allow me to use my 35W amplifier (http://www.hfprojects.com/projects/hfpacker/HFPackerAmp.pdf) on more activations.




In reply to DH8DX:

Yesterday I wrote to Eric SM1TDE a email with some info about sota,


Thanks for your email to SM1TDE. This kind of “behind the scenes” work was one of the ways in which we managed to get SOTA going in other European countries in the early days (when even 4 contacts could be hard to get on 40CW HI).

The activity on 40m has been invaluable in getting people interested in SOTA in countries that have not started Associations. I am starting to think about concentrating on 20m CW for a while in an attempt to make SOTA visible (audible?) to a wider audience. On 20m it may be that CW activity lower in the band (rather than around 14.060) will be more likely interest a wider audience? Of course, 20m SSB will be equally valuable.

…it would be great to get some interest in JA!




In reply to G3CWI:
Welcome Eric (SM1TDE) - just hrd u wkg HB9EAA/p on 10MHz - you will do FB with SOTA!
73 de CRIS