First activations in Region OE/VB

On Thursday and Friday July 11 & 12 a team of 4 operators (PA3FGA, PA5MW, PC5A, PD5AX) will go on a 2-day hike and try to activate the following summits for the first time (in random order):
Panüeler Kopf: OE/VB-034 (10 points)
Salaruel Kopf: OE/VB-041 (10 points)
Wildberg: OE/VB-055 (10 points)
Hornspitz: OE/VB-144 & HB/GR-342 (10 + 10 points)

Activity will be on HF preferably 40/30/20/17m, which ever works best, using KX3 and a dipole.

Current location of the team can be tracked (if there is enough coverage) on callsign=pc5a-9

– Aurelio,PC5A

In reply to PC5A:
enjoy your trip

In reply to PC5A:

Hi, I hope the trip goes well. What modes will you operate?
Good luck
Mike G6TUH