First activation R9U/SO-035 (Kirel) 18 Mar 2017

Short ski expedition was carried by Marat (RA9WJV), Alex (RA9WPV) and Vlad (RX9WT) on 18-19 March 2017. We had drimed about this winter activation for so long!

Ascent to the summit for activaton and overnight at the camp on 1000m.


On my way.

Way to the top.

View from the top.

Highest on the southern urals…

Antenna Installation.

Our position.

CW on frost )

Marat on air!


Camp installation.

Our cook in the kitchen.

Gala dinner.

Sloper for 10 MHz.

CQ RDA BA-38 on 30m band. Outdoor temperature dropped at night to minus 26 degrees Celsius.

The result of the expedition was 31 QSO on HF, 3 QSO on VHF band in during activation Kirel, 15 QSO on RDA program and great travel impressions!
Thanks to everyone who called us on the air!
Vlad, RX9WT


Oh! On photo 1 found an error: SOTA nuber is R9U/SO-035! This is not a mountain Maliy Iremel ))

Thanks for report and photos.

I was very pleased to have the QSO with Marat RA9WJV ~~~ R9U/SO-035 :sunglasses:

I hope you hear me next time.

Well done for your dream coming true.
Best wishes.

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Thank you, Mike!
You can see film about this activations by Marat: SOTA R9U/SO-035 18/03/2017 - YouTube
Sound track is сourse in Russian, but nature and musiс are international.