First Activation: Grüne Köpfe (1725m) OE/VB-451 and Mohrenkopf (1645m) OE/VB-464

Hello YLs and OMs

I am 21.04.2016 first activates the Grüne Köpfe, 1725m, OE/VB-451 and then the Mohrenkopf, 1645m, OE/VB-464 first-activated also. There were two smaller, very nice, not quite ordinary summit activations, but please look yourself, I have made two videos to:

Grüne Köpfe 1725m, OE/VB-451

Mohrenkopf 1645m, OE/VB-464

At this point, many thanks for all QSO. Particularly pleased me were the S2S QSOs from Mirko (S52CU/P), Manuel (OE/HB9DQM/P), Paul (HB9BQU/P), Jürg (HB9BIN/P) and Tom (OE9TKH/P). Thank you so much!

I hope you enjoy the videos, I hear you at the next summit!
vy 73 de

Matt / HB9FVF


Wow, that’s extreme sota! Extremely good views but some serious terrain. I did wonder at first why the ice axe and crampons when there was hardly any snow but I soon realised why they were a necessity.
Well done.
All these European sota videos just make me wanna road trip round Europe for a few months doing sota but lack of time n money at the moment they will stay on the to do list.
Good videos

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Reminded me of an old copy of “Climber and Rambler” back in the 90’s when they declared “Chalk is Rock!” after some guys started using ice climbing gear to ascend the chalk cliffs on the south coast (UK)…

Well done.

// Richard

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Oh boy that’s a real job to going up and down too.
Matthias,thanks for the nice video.
It was pleasure to work u from there.

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What an effort for 6-pointers ;-))!
Well done! I particularly liked the abseiling part!

Vy 73, Sylvia

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Breath taking just watching the videos.
I don’t want to imagine how doing those ascents must be. Very scary…

73 de Guru

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Hi Sylvia
I am also often asked who is coming to this point distribution … in DM/BW’d this summit probably achieve 54 points?! :wink:
vy 73 Matt

Thank you! Yes, that is a good ice axes tool in this terrain! I like working with him! Carry your trip through Europe, if you are in OE or HB write you with me and we make together sota.
vy 73 Matt

Thanks for the comments and compliments, am happy that you like the videos!
vy73 Matthias HB9FVF

Hello Matt
Thanks for video. It is very impressive.
Best 73
Andre f5ukl

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Amazing stuff, thanks. Is SOTAbeams going to stock ice axes and crampons now?
Les g0nmd

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Astounding Matt! Many thanks for the videos. Sadly not a pair of summits that will make my “must do” list :-s Guess you may have quite a wait to complete them :wink:

Take care and hope to see more of your exploits soon :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD

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I can not find it, only a few days were probably available! :smiley: :smiley: