First activation GD-001

The XYL, Rowena and I booked a holiday in June to the Isle of Man and planned a trip on the mountain railway up Snaefell, SOTA GD-001. So here was a chance to do a first SOTA activation after being a Sota chaser for the past 23 years. It should be easy, 2m FM, standing on the summit with my trusty Baofeng, a Chinese clone RH771 and the Sotabeams filter to deal with the 2 large masts that dominate the summit.
On the summit on 25th June with very misty conditions, so no view. I had placed an alert a few days earlier from home using my PC but trying a spot using the mobile phone was not so easy and I gave up on that. A quick scan on 2m FM found GW4TCU/P on the Great Orme for a good start. But then I struggled with G3CWI/P whose signal was being chopped to bits by bursts of RF. A good signal GW4ZPL called in and let me know Caroline MW3ZCB/P had been calling me. Thankfully, I was able to complete QSOs with Caroline and Martyn MW1MAJ/P on their Llyn Peninsular summit a bit later, maybe because I had moved location or the masts had quietened down. A final QSO was with local GD4SVD, Tony.
Many thanks to the callers who helped me complete a first activation. It was not as easy as I thought it would be and my caligraphy skills seem to fail completely as my written logging notes would require deciphering later! The 2 looming masts caused problems though the filter probably helped.




Hi Alan,
Thank you for the report, and welcome to the world of activating.
It gets easier - and addictive:o)



Congratulations Alan on completing your first activation and well done for persevering through the rf problems. Looks like you had some S2S QSOs too which was an added bonus for your first activation!

I hope you enjoyed your time on the island, and I wonder where your next activation will be from?

Good luck with it all, and I look forward to a S2S one day!

73, Matthew M0JSB

Good work and welcome to the madhouse.

Also, welcome to the learning curve!


Congrats, Alan!

Congratulations- each activation will get easier :hugs: