First 100 Chaser Points

Well I know its not a lot, But living down a hole as I do here, I thought I’d let you know that I’ve managed 100. Hopefully as soon as I can get my car back on the road I can get some activations done also.


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100 or 1000 it all takes time and effort. So well done you are on the way. Keep up the good work.
73 Dave

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Hi Martin

100 is the first SOTA milestone and you should be just as proud of that goal as you would 1000 points.

Congratulations and well done achieving 100 points under difficult conditions.



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Congratulations Martin. You should remember that it’s not the number of points that matter but that you enjoy yourself collecting them. And, there’s always the chance that once of those contacts might have been the one an activator needed to qualify a hill.


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Yes you are exactly right after all a hobby is supposed to be enjoyable, when it becomes political it stops being a hobby. I must say though I am really looking forward to getting back on the road we have so many good hills here in G/SP and NP isn’t that far away either :slight_smile:

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It did seem like an eternity all my contacts have been on 2m and just as I got back to the shack everyone seemed to go SSB, luckly now I have an SSB rig :slight_smile:

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Political ?? naaa never political on here, so lets not start it off eh?
Congrats on the 100 pts Martin, well done. Oh whilst I am here, did you recover your Raynet ID card that was found in Blackburn and handed to County ?

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Yep I dropped it whilst doing a red cross duty at Blackburn. problem with that duty is its dark at night and theres little radio signal apart from some rogue taxi drivers :expressionless: