Finished before it started


Yesterday I wanted to activate a DM/BW-766 again. The weather forecast was great. I logged out of the home office, ate a big bowl of muesli (a new expensive variety I was looking forward to), dressed warmly, threw snow boots and equipment into the car and set off.

On the way, my neck and upper chest started to itch slightly. I didn’t think anything of it and arrived at the car park in good spirits anyway.

I had dressed myself and shouldered my backpack when, after a few steps, I just couldn’t take it any more. My neck and chest itched and burned like hell.

I got back into the car, just to go home and took a shower. Everything on my neck and chest was covered with red spots. A skin cream brought no improvement. An hour later, my doctor prescribed a cortisone ointment and cortisone tablets.

The muesli is now bird food.

73 Armin


Bonjour Armin,
Looks like it’s a hives attack !! :grimacing:
73 Éric

Poor birds!

Hope it clears quickly. I would have expected antihystamin to be prescribed but then my medical advice is not to be taken seriously.



A bit harsh on the birds !!


Hello Armin.

I had seen your alert and was hopeful that I would be home in time to work you after my activation. During the ride home I saw that your alert was removed. Now I know why.

I hope you feel better and good luck with your next attempt.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Plain old flaked oats man, Plain flaked oats is for SOTA hikes, the box some of that bought cereal comes in is safer to eat than the contents.
get well soon.
vk5cz …


That’s taking “self spotting” to the extreme! :grin:

Best wishes for a quick recovery, Armin.



Me too. It looks like an alergic reaction to some of the muesly nuts.
It would be good for you, Armin, to find out which one caused you such reaction so you can stay away of it from now on.
I hope all is well over now.


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Armin, yes, its annoying, but don’t throw your anger on the birds!

Hope you will be fine soon.

73 Ludwig

Thank you for the good wishes

In fact, I have had antihystamin until yesterday - and slept a lot. It doesn’t itch or burn any more and now I’m fighting the spots.
I look forward to the next aitivities. My goal is at least 30 bonus points. :wink:

BTW: The birds love this unsweetened organic - fruit - muesli.

I turn 60 the next week, and I’ve never had any allergic reactions - you are never too old to get such a sh…t. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

73 Armin


You are lucky. Allergic reactions can be very bad.
One year ago my XYL went for an evening walk with the neighbour, after a 1/2 hour spots, itching and in 5 minutes unconscious. XYL phoned me first to pick them up in the woods, but called 112 soon after that. When the ambulance guys picked him up he stopped breathing. Wife had a 130km/hour ride in the ambulance. On the way a heli brought a doctor. A shot of antihistamin woke him up, and in the hospital he spoke already to us. Next morning -> home. Better do not get it in the middle of nowere. They did not found out yet why, Covid came, and no priority. Has a antihystamin pen with him now.
Stay save all.

Hallo Armin, Ich wuensche Dir gute Besserung und auf ein baldiges wiederhoeren im SOTA Betrieb !
Alles Gute Jean F6GLZ.

Sounds like the best doctor ever, I’m lucky to get through on the phone in a hour …? :joy:

Just joking… I hope it clears up soon bud. :+1:

I hope you get better and back to do sota soon.
72. Manu.