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Finally reached a small milestone

Finally after 11 years and 18 summits I have reached 100 activator points. As you can see however I did take a big break when life got in the way, but the bug is definitely back and bigger than ever. I’m also still under 35 :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the chasers as without you the pileups and cq’s wouldn’t be there.



Well done Anthony…
I worked you on day 2 : 30/Jan/2005 10:52 G6LKB M3HQA/M G/NP-004 Whernside 144MHz

and day 3 : 23/Mar/2005 12:02 G6LKB M3HQA/P G/LD-008 Blencathra - Hallsfell Top 144MHz FM

and day4: 14/May/2005 10:48 G6LKB 2E0AZS/P G/LD-001 Scafell Pike 144MHz FM

david G6LKB

Well done Anthony,
I’ve always felt hitting the 100 points mark (as chaser or activator) feels more of an achievment than the next 250, 500, etc. steps. There’s something special about hitting the first award level.

Nice to see you move up the licence class grades in this record as well.

73 Ed DD5LP.

To me mile stones are different for a chaser and activator.
Chaser first 100 points fairly simple from your arm chair.

100 activator points that takes, effort planning and getting out there and doing it.

It may have taken you a few years but end of day you did it
A jolly well done young man. :thumbsup:

still LONG way for me to go to reach 100 as you said life can interfere with such a case as it does not so much being a chaser.


I also spoke to you I believe the other day from Buckden pike or Great Shunner fell?


Even if you did one activation in 10 years and you enjoyed it, it was worth it!