Fav activation videos?

Hi all,

I recently bought an “action camera” as they’re called (okay fine, it’s a GoPro). I suppose this is a better mid-life crisis than buying a Corvette. Maybe? I’m giving myself a crash-PhD in action videography, and I’d like to have your recommendations for good activation videos. If you make them, what’s you’re favorite one? If you’ve watched them all, what do you like?

I have this vague recollection of one of the first activation videos I ever watched which was of this guy, in Spain I think, working a massive pileup at like 30wpm completely nonchalantly, casually glancing at his watch for timestamps. Epic view in the background, etc. Can’t seem to find it, though.

Joe // N0MAP

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You too can do a video of your activation.
I like the GoPro software you get to edit stuff, once I learnt how to work it.
It can take a while to upload to Facebook so keep it to a couple minutes.
I have been doing a bit of video and photos on my Samsung phone lately and putting it straight on SOTA FB almost within the hour of being on a summit. The other day I saw a fella on a summit live on FB.
All good fun
Ian vk5cz …

I’d love one of those. To drive to a summit in of course!

PS: a little red one

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I’ve enjoyed watching WG0AT’s videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/goathiker

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I’ve seen a couple of videos involving the Garmin Virb Elite which can hook into various sensors such as speed, vertical ascent, position on a map etc. I’m looking out for a second hand one but I find the extra information interesting.

With any videos be prepared to spend lots of time editing - seems to come with the territory!

Regards, Mark. M0NOM.

I like any activation video that DOES NOT have an added music sound track.

73, Barry N1EU

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Roger that, and I agree.

I considered a Virb for that reason. It does appear that GoPro is about to add those kinds of hooks into it’s processing software fwiw. I ended up going the GoPro route for a variety of smaller reasons (it charges via USBc which means I need to bring one less charging device etc).

Yeah, this is the plan! I’m trying to watch as many of the videos to see what works and doesn’t.

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Here is a link to a few of my summits.

The biggest hassle is the wind noise.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

Change your diet? :wink:


Easily fixed with a scrap of open-cell foam (as used on some microphone wind screens) fixed over the microphone port on your video device. As you go big-time, then a real wind screen, and finally a microphone in fur-covered blimp.

I prefer activation reports in written text with pictures, as they are faster and easier to read for me than videos. Videos present several problems to me:
1- Not all videos can be reproduced in my laptop and/or my smartphone. I guess it’s something to do with their format…
2- Internet speed is sometimes so frustratingly slow here that watching 5 seconds of video, then waiting 30 seconds or more to charge or fill up the buffer or whatever it does before watching the next 6 seconds video and so on and on is higlly discouraging.
3- I often can’t use a speaker because I don’t want to disturb other people around me and I don’t have a set of headphnes at hand.
4- watching videos usually takes far too much time to me. Much more than the time I need to read a written report with beatiful pictures. Only exception is those looooooong but great reports from John @G4YSS. But I even enjoy reading them when I find the time.

But this is just me. Don’t worry and go ahead with your videos. I’ll try to watch them and enjoy them too, although I’d rather prefer a written one with pics… :wink:



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Hi Joe, perhaps you refer to EA5FV Dani. Maybe this is the video you mention:

Let me share another video of a non Sota ham, and QRP lover also in Spain. I find his videos are interesting, also a good example of action camera recording:

I’m afraid it’s a bit of music on it but affordable… You can surf on their youtube channels for more.

73 de Ignacio

That’s it! Thanks!

I do too Guru. I am a huge fan of the entire genre of mountaineering writing (Herzog etc), and I appreciate when people put the time into writing the story of their activation. Just like all stuff written about mountains, we can read it and get a little feeling of being there. And I find my imagination works better, generally, than watching video.

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Joe and Allison,

Looking forward to your adventure RUN in Radio! My only concern is Allison won’t have enough time to study that General class book for her next test! Be safe and enjoy. Oh and my only advice on video would be to include Allisons wonderful smile in the tape!

John N0EVH

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HA! So true John. I am going to be running the camera, so that is a given.


I got hooked after watching this. Brilliant video.



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