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Fast QRT on DM/BW-237 .. sri


hi all,
sorry for fast qrt today on bw-237. but i have should know that before,hi :slight_smile:
beginning with a mix of sun and fat clouds, but from minute to minute the crashes in the rx coming stronger and stronger,and then the sky become dark in seconds.
the thunder was not the problem.the thunderstorm was far enough away at this time,but the storm becomes stronger and stronger, and there are many old and high trees on that summit.and they sounds not good in the wind. after 45min of operating time i closed with 73qso´s in my log. not my way, but …after the packing of the rucksack the storm comes so strong that i run with the 17,2Ah slab on my back to the car in a new record time from abt. 30min :slight_smile: no good feeling in a storm in mid of old and damaged trees by the last big storms.i have should have known that before…

to the news :
shure i come back QRO :slight_smile: but in the time i need to build the k2 with the PA and the ssb-adapter i come with my old qrp rig. maybe a good time to test and enjoy sota with les equipment and “easy to carry batteries”. hope i can stay at 50 to 70 QSO´s per activation.

and the asking for non spotting in clusters :slight_smile:
never had so much spots as today :-)))

vy 73 klaus Df2GN


In reply to DF2GN:
Don’t take risks, Klaus - we need you!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the contact today,


Brian G8ADD


hi Brian,
thanks also for the nice qso . but today a little bit in the fast qso mode :slight_smile:

Don’t take risks, Klaus - we need you!:slight_smile:

ok, but don´t forget , i´m only ONE from all other activators,
and everybody try to make his activation a good one !

hope the next weeks become not so hard for the ssb-friends .
do my best with a longer antenna :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus,

when I worked you today, I just arrived back home from my HE-053-activity.
At this time we already had heavy showers and I was lucky to have a dry rig his time :slight_smile:

tnx for another new one!

Vy73 awdh de Fritz


In reply to DF2GN:
Thanks for the QSO. Not often that I pick up the microphone…
73 de Eric (soon dethroned from the SM-SOTA topspot!)


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus

Thanks for the 30m qso today. A wise move to qrt fast then to run faster.
No need to say sorry with 73 qso in your log, hi.
The same thing happenned to Steve G1INK recently when a storm came in fast, it is no laughing matter.
I look forward to our next qso.

Vy 73


hi all,
now at home again,

have seen the dx-spots in the cluster from today :-)))

thanks @SWL :slight_smile:

nice activation today on DM/BW-519. WX was a mix of sun and rain :frowning:
have make today a relaxed activation with a bit of band jumping after worked
the fastes regulars in the first hour.qrv today on 40m ssb/cw, 80m cw and 30m cw.
on 30 and 80m only a few qso´s today :frowning: looked a bit on 20m and worked OH3GZ,EA2CAR in cw and on 14285 SV8MDV/p via sporadicE maybe , because signal had fast qsb from s1-s9+.

thanks for the s2s today to :

DL1DVE/p DM/SX009, DH0DK/p DM/SX188, DL2RVL/p DM/SA010 , DL8DZL/p DM/SX161,
HB9BAB/p HB/AG002 and DL3VTA/p DM/SX003

QRV from 1010 - 1240utc and logged 91qso´s . not too much :-),
but missed a lot of regulars today and also needed a bit of time to work on my antenna.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:

Quote: “Missed a lot of regulars today”

Working! Boo Hoo! :0(

Sorry you will have to do that one again! Tee Hee!

91 QSOs great stuff.

73 Steve GW7AAV


It usually is a super saturday or sunday, but today was super thursday, Steve.

Lots of activators around !!