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"Fast Log Entry" (FLE) now also saves logs to SOTA .csv format V2


One more logging software supporting the SOTA program:

“Fast Log Entry” (FLE) now also saves logs to SOTA .csv format V2 for direct upload.



Just had a look at FLE and I think of using it for future sota log upload.

For testing I entered some fictional qso’s and ended up with a slight problem that I am not able to locate! have a look at the screenshot …

5 qso’s 40m ssb --> the last entry changed to 20m ssb
2 qso’s 20m ssb --> the last entry changed to 2m fm
3 qso’s 2m fm

I’m not 100% sure if my entry is correct … I can’t find the error. Maybe someone can give me a hint!?

73 Martin, OE5REO


Hi Martin,

It definitely looks like a bug in the last version: the entry before a band change is logged on the new band.

I have forwarded your message to the author, so check his website, there should be a bug fix available soon.


Bernd, DF3CB, just uploaded a new version of FLE to his website. Just for testing purposes I typed in my last sota-log and tried to upload … everythink worked perfect (Bug is gone, Activator-Log and also S2S/Chaser-Log uploaded without problem). With this tool I will be definately quicker uploading my logs!

Thanks for this nice piece of software!

73 Martin, OE5REO


Downloaded it a while back but it looks like I need to implement it now. Thanks all!

Kent K9EZ


Very nice logging software. I use it after each activation

73 Kostas SV2HJW


Thanks for the refresh on this topic. I just tried FLE… and WOW! I already have a really fast workflow in Log4OM for importing handwritten logs, but FLE is crazy fast and easy. The program (log entry) works almost exactly the way I hand write my logs (i.e. an occasional time update and a note on the band changes). The time interpolation makes it even easier than the incremental time additions in Log4OM. Hardly even have to look at FLE entry as you are transcribing the written log. Then hit F5, 2-quick exports (ADIF and SOTA-CSV), import the ADIF into Log4OM and then import the CSV into sotadata and you are done!

I’ll be testing LFE out on my SOTA trip to Tucson/Phoenix-AZ starting tomorrow. Hopefully lots of activations to put FLE through its’ paces!

73 Jim/K7MK


Nice software, recommend !


Very nice discover !